Screenshots of the EcoSchools MVP prototype

Environmental Certification Platform

UX Design
By leading the redesign of EcoSchools Canada's certification platform, I helped them turn a tedious online form into an engaging, gamified web app that would enable this nonprofit to scale its impact from provincial to nationwide.


  • Successful pilot launched January 2020, and the full app will be available to schools across Canada in this coming school year.
  • This was a net-new design project that I secured for my firm, Grantbook. This project's structure, methods, and proposal content continue to influence Grantbook's current practice.
I had the pleasure of working with Maggie during EcoSchools Canada's redesign of its environmental certification platform and education program for schools, and I can't say enough good things! Maggie's expertise in UX strategy and design thinking added tremendous value to the project and was pivotal to its success. Maggie has an intuition for asking the right questions at the right time (i.e. generative questions) and a knack for distilling data into insights.

Tania Cheng, Associate Director

Ecoschools Canada

My Role
Lead & solo designer

Led RFP bid, user research, design deliverables, user testing, and project management

Justin Carter, consultant & facilitator
Theresa Ramirez, Director of Systems & Impact
EcoSchools Canada
Tania Cheng, Associate Director
EcoSchools Canada
Whimsical, Figma, G Suite, old-fashioned pen & paper

The rest of this case study is password-protected.

Out of respect for EcoSchools Canada's impending product launch, I have kept the details of this project under wraps. If you've got a password, click below to view the full case study and analysis.

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