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Swim with Emre

Emre offers all-ages private swim instruction in Toronto. I devised the branding, logo, business card, and responsive web design mockups for his new business.


Brand identity, logo, business card, and website design.


Emre Ozguven (Swim with Emre) private swim instructor with over 7 years' experience teaching people of all ages to swim.

Skills & Tools

Responsive Web Design
Graphic Design
Adobe Illustrator

Swim with Emre - Tablet Website - Animated

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Brand Breakdown

Bright, Friendly, Recognizable

Since Emre's client base is primarily families with young children, his brand needed to be kid-friendly, and immediately recognizable. As such, I chose bright primary colours and bold, geometric shapes to make up his brand imagery - including the goldfish in his logo.

Emre's business card displaying his logo

Emre's logo, displayed on the back of his business card.

I chose a goldfish because this friendly animal frequently appears in children's lives - as pets, in storybooks, and throughout media. The fish doubles as a stylized lowercase 'e' - the first letter of Emre's name, thus immediately tying his name to the image. Together, the goldfish acts as a brand mascot, a monogram, and an instantly recognizable logo.

The other repeating brand element is the blue wave, found throughout Emre's branding. In conjunction with the goldfish, this makes it instantly apparent that Emre's brand revolves around water and aquatics. Combined with the brand name "Swim with Emre", this branding projects a bright and cheerful tone of voice, welcoming children, families, and anybody who wants swim lessons from a friendly local instructor.

Emre's business card (front)

Emre's business card features a matte finish and rounded corners - this feature follows his kid-friendly branding but is also practical to keep the edges from fraying.

Web Design: Landing Page


The most important thing I wanted to communicate in the design of Emre's website was his expertise in swim instruction. To do so, his landing page is designed with iconography representing his experience and credentials as the central focus.

Mobile-First Design

In addition, since many of his clients were busy parents, the website had to be accessible from a variety of displays. To ensure that his credentials would stand out regardless of the viewport size, I designed the site mobile-first.

Swim with Emre Website - Mobile

The mobile layout - click for full view.

Swim with Emre - Website - Desktop - Full-Length

The desktop layout - click for full view.

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