"Curiosity Killed the cat... but satisfaction brought it back."

Hi, I'm Maggie Cheung

I'm a UX designer versed in front-end and passionate about human cognition. I live for questioning root causes, turning ambiguity into compelling stories, building concepts into reality, and leveraging tech to make a better world.

Currently, I'm wrapping up my work as a Design Consultant at Grantbook, where I help foundations and grantmakers tell their impact stories through web, data, and UX design.

Soon, I'll be looking to join a team of kind, curious, and purposeful humans with whom I hope to deepen my understanding of experience design.

My story so far

I'm early in my career - about 3 years in. But I spent most of those years at a fast-growing social startup (Grantbook), where wearing multiple hats helped me hone skills in client management, multidisciplinary design, and writing.

Prior to that, my Cognitive Science degree exposed me to the fundamentals of programming both computers and humans, and a lifelong interest in building websites led me to my first paying web design and marketing projects.

UX Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Data Visualization
UX Writing
Business Analysis

My education

Cognitive Science & Psychology (Hon. B.Sc.)
University of Toronto
Sep 2014 — Apr 2017

Encompassing computer science, psychology, artificial intelligence, and mindfulness, I learned the foundations of human-centered design.

I practiced problem-solving, psychological research, programming, critical thinking and how to adopt a growth mindset. These are all skills I've applied in past projects and will undoubtedly apply in future ones, too.

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